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Hirth 3202

Posted By: redback June 24, Fuel injected? Hirth Engine? I had never even heard of a Hirth. It was smoother, had more power, cruised at lower rpms and weighed less than the I was so impressed I decided then and there to get involved with marketing Hirth.

Here was a tremendous engine available to us and nobody knew about it. The Hirth engine has a history dating back tofirst making gears and then crankshafts. Some of the Luftwaffe had Hirth four-cycle aircraft engines. It was then that Hirth was bought out by Gobler the company is now called Gobler-Hirthmotoren. Gobler, the new owner, made the decision to combine what Hirth learned from its aircraft days with what it had learned in the two-cycle industry for the express purpose of building two-cycle aircraft engines.

Dandar admits that the Hirth engine has had a slow start breaking into the rotorcraft market. The engine was available only in a free air-cooled version. It was primarily designed to be used in tractor prop aircraft where the propeller cools it. Without the benefit of fan cooling, it was just a matter of time before it overheated and burned the engine up when it was used in a pusher configuration. Hirth developed fan cooling for the F 4 years ago. Dandar says the Hirth engine produced today is not the Hirth engine of a decade ago.

The Hirth has gone through many, many changes. They are not mass-produced. This is why a Hirth engine runs so much smoother than most two-cycles on the market. All these components are expensive But well worth the cost for better reliability and longevity. Nikasil cylinders, according to Dandar, eliminate the need for water-cooling, thus increasing reliability and reducing weight.

Hirth 3202

The special piston porting and combustion chamber on the Hirth are designed for a linear torque curve with more torque in the mid-range than is normally found in two cycle — resulting in a lower cruise rpm. Most two-cycles are designed to be used with some sort of centrifugal clutch. This allows for much quieter operation, much less fuel burn, less vibration and much less engine wear. All these design features add up to not only increased reliability, but also a hour rated TBO to boot.

As a steel sleeve cylinder wears, it becomes egg-shaped and allows the piston to turn slightly and that makes the piston wear out faster. A Nikasil cylinder will hold its original shape throughout the life of the engine, and at rebuild time, you will usually use that cylinder over. Not one to brag, Dandar points out that the Hirth 40hp and 50hp models have never had a crankshaft failure of any type.

The ignition system on a Hirth is not the norm either. Dandar explained that Hirth spent four years of research and development time developing its ignition. What they came up with was a dual CDI ignition. These electronic chips allow the ignition to start the engine five degrees before top dead center; idle at ten degrees; and linearly advance up to 18 degrees before top dead center at full power.

By having this type of digital control, you can make the Hirth engine start easier, run smoother and perform better throughout the entire RPM band, including at low idle RPM, said Dandar. It is immune to radio interference. Voltage at the plug is 40, volts, thus no more fouling. Hirth also came out with an optional electronic fuel injection system for the F model, its four-cylinder engine.

Carburetors are still available, but Dandar says the fuel injection has some nice attributes.Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media. Members Registered members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search….

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Hirth Engines?

hirth 3202

Thread starter Topaz Start date Aug 19, Help Support HomeBuiltAirplanes. Topaz Super Moderator Staff member. Log Member.

Considering The Hirth Engine

I'm looking for opinions on Hirth engines. Any experiences? Better alternatives? My project needs an engine in the hp range, and I've some concerns about weight a VW would be too heavyso I've been giving some serious consideration to the Hirth I believe I'm willing and able to do the regular maintenance required with a two-stroke engine.

The rumblings I've heard so far about Hirth basically have been variants on, "Great engines; a little spendy. BD5builder Well-Known Member. I haven't personally used one of those engines. But i plan on installing one in my BD BD Micro Swears by them as the only reciprocating engine to put in a BD-5, sooo if they say its good Not to mention the hour TBO. But i'd also like to hear from other's personal experiences. Sonnyj Well-Known Member.

The only real problem I have seen with the Hirth engine is the threads in the spark plug holes. Most of the people I have talked to that opperate these engines have had a plug blow out in flight.

hirth 3202

The repair is an easy fix but alot of folks just go ahead and install a steel inseart before they have a falure.

JM2C Sonny. Joined Aug 16, Messages 3. No personal experience, thank god, but a friend of mine who is an excellent aircraft mechanic tried for years to get the 65 HP eng to run without seizing. The second one also seized and eventually he gave up and put a on his Rans Have read, over the years, of numerous seizures by other people as well.

In contrast, have read nothing but good things about the 55 hp, and thats the one you're considering. Lee Schaumberg Well-Known Member.Grab yours now! If you don't see the model or size you're looking for, let us know.

We have many more engines available than we can list below. See the listings below for the 4-cycle Subaru engines now available. Engines come with a day guarantee against defects. Prices subject to change without notice. Please inquire. Kawasaki A, 40 hp : brand new high-performance engine, complete, with manifold, muffler, carb and recoil starter.

Only 65 lbs. CDI and nikasil cylinders are included. Foreign: shipping cost will be quoted. Kawasaki B, 48 hp : rebuilt to new specs, complete, with manifold, muffler, carburetor and recoil starter. Only 66 lbs. Kawasaki C, 51 hp : complete, with twin carbs, manifold, muffler and recoil starter. Only 70 lbs. CDI, oil-injection and nikasil cylinders are included. Other Kawasaki engines contact us to confirm stock :.

May be used on a variety of ultralight or other vehicles as a higher-quality alternative to the Rotax or This engine was rebuilt with new Wiesco parts.

Newly rebuilt carb with new intake flange. Excellent condition. Features: single-overhead-cam DOHC also avail.Started by Allen Sutphin23 Nov Posted 23 Nov Thought I would share my thoughts on the Hirth so far.

My friends takes almost to get rolling with the 21" Nanco's on grass. I figured about the same on the 55 hp hirth. At rpm I was halfway down the runway before I realized it. I think with the custom exhaust I am pushing more than 55 hp. I've got everything tweaked pretty good so its at its peak. Fast taxi test show engine temps are good and power response was excellent.

Now a little more TW refresher before going skyward. Crappy brake system will not hold it much over 3K rpm so new brake set-up is in the works. So far I am pleased. In the air will tell the story. No, it originally had fuel injection but I removed it and went back to Delorto carbs. Fuel injection had to many electrical componets that could fail and leave you grounded.

They were working on a dual system but not on the table yet. One can look at a carb and tell what is worn, can't do that with a computer. Plus air sensors, pump relays, computer, high pressure pump, etc, all dependent on electrical power. Basic carb engine is self sustaining. Mongo need pictures. Only ones I have Mongo! After a little proding from a few here, I had to build everything firewall forward.

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hirth 3202

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Hirth driving us crazy!! Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Help!!

hirth 3202

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Hi all!! I'm coming here looking for help, and I'm pretty sure this is the right place. Some months ago my father bought a quad city challenger clipped wings with just 35 hours of flight in both engine and airframe.

Hirth Engines?

This sounds good, but the previous owner sold the plane for one reason: the engine became a headache Since the begining the things went wrong when one side of the ignition failed and he had to replace the armature plate. At this point the engine ran well. Based on this event and on some histories on internet, he decided to get rid of the injection and replaced it with two bing 54, with the jetting according to the factory He sent the injection to the dealer and received the bings.

Once this done, the engine start to gave problems to accelerate. He worked on it for months and at the end he decided to sell the plane to us The problem is very weird: If you push the throttle slowly, the engine go up to RPM easily. But if you push it in one shot from idle, it get stuck stumbling in RPM's, until you close slowly the throttle at certain point where it pick up again and you can open the throttle fast and it will go to again We have tried several things to fix this, for some months We have tested all the combinations of jetting that you can imagine, and all the positions of the jet needle, and adjusted the mixture all ways possible Recently, we started to suspect about the timing, so we checked the manual and found out that it can be adjusted, so we moved it in all the ways possible and the things went the same Now we have the suspect that maybe the E-Boxes, which are suposed to be programed, could have and advance timing map for and injected engine, and this don't mach with the carb behaviour.

All this being said, and sorry for made you read all this, we have no clue what to do next Any advice will be highly appreciated, greetings from Costa Rica, Esteve.

The problem is that your are running lean in the mid range. When you open the throttle quickly the air responds more quickly than the fuel. Automobile engines solve this with the accelator pump which most aircraft do not have. There are several things you can do to minimize the problem but you may not solve it completely. These are things to look into.

Richen the idle mmixture slightly. Richen the mid range mixture. The engine can operate above the published WOT egt limit at lower power settings. Hirth has a good fuel enjection system. I would look to reinstall the fuel injection and get it operating correctly.The Hirth and are a family of in-line twin cylinder, two strokecarburetted aircraft engines, with optional fuel injectiondesigned for use on ultralight aircraftespecially two seat ultralight trainers, gyrocopters and small homebuilts.

It replaced the in the Hirth line in May The engine is similar to the Rotax powerplant in being a two-cylinder in-line engine, with dual capacitor discharge ignitionalthough it is air-cooled, compared to the 's liquid cooling. Both engines have the same bore, stroke, displacement, compression ratio, and weight as the Hirth engines they replace. The cylinder walls are electrochemically coated with Nikasil.

Hirth 3202

Standard starting is recoil start with electric start as an option. The reduction drive system available is the G gearbox, with reduction ratios of 2.

The engines run on a pre-mix of unleaded 93 octane auto fuel and oil, or optionally oil injection. Data from Recreational Power Engineering [2]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 26 September Hirth and Heinkel-Hirth aircraft engines. F F F F F F Categories : Hirth aircraft engines Air-cooled aircraft piston engines Two-stroke aircraft piston engines.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Twin cylinder two-stroke aircraft engine.Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media. Members Registered members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.

Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Jim Chuk Start date May 30, Help Support HomeBuiltAirplanes. Jim Chuk Well-Known Member. I have for sale this Hirth engine that I just got back from the shop after having new seals, gaskets and complete inside inspection completed.

New fan belt also. Engine has a total of hrs on it. Has a G50 gearbox, and electric start. If you have seen my other adds parting out an Avid Flyer, this is part of the same stuff my friend had, and I'm selling it for his widow.

I will build a crate for it at no cost to the buyer. The 65 HP Hirth is still available also. Jim Chuk.


Joined Feb 10, Messages 2, Location Midwest. Jim is the engine bed mount? Yes, there are four tapped holes in the bottom of the engine. Here is a link to a Hirth dealer with side views of the engine showing the spacing of the holes.


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